The Lucky Lion – A Case Study in Brand Expansion

Lucky Lion, a clothing store located at 148th & Powell in Portland, Oregon, has been in business for over 10 years. The store has grown from one small shop to a large chain of over 20 stores, catering to the needs of the local community. Lucky Lion specializes in stylish but affordable apparel, footwear, and accessories for the entire family.

This case study will examine the strategies Lucky Lion has employed to expand their business. The store has focused on providing high quality products at reasonable prices, while also offering a wide selection of merchandise. This has allowed them to offer something for everyone, from teenagers to adults. By focusing on a wide variety of products, they have been able to capture a larger customer base and grow their business.

Lucky Lion has also successfully used digital marketing to grow their presence. They have engaged in a variety of strategies, including social media campaigns and email marketing. Their website and mobile app have also been key tools for the store, allowing customers to easily shop for items and take advantage of sales and promotions.

The store has also built strong relationships with local businesses, which has helped to further expand their reach. They frequently collaborate with other stores and companies in the area, which has helped to build brand loyalty and attract new customers.

Finally, Lucky Lion has used promotions and events to draw in more customers. By hosting in-store events and offering promotional discounts, they have been able to attract more people to their stores and further grow their brand.

Overall, Lucky Lion has been successful in growing their business by offering a wide selection of products, engaging in digital marketing strategies, strengthening relationships with local businesses, and utilizing promotions and events. These strategies have enabled them to reach a wider audience and create a thriving retail business.

Link to the official Lucky Lion website