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Whether you are a medical patient or a recreational user, our Marijuana Provisioning Center in Clarksville and Ada, MI finds the best cannabis products to fit your preferences. With us, you not only get top-shelf cannabis products, but also expert advice from seasoned staff who are passionate, knowledgeable and committed to helping you make an informed decision.

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Joyology is not just a Marijuana Store. It’s a Recreational Marijuana Store in Alto, MI and a hub in East Grand Rapids, MI designed to provide a friendly shopping environment combined with excellent customer service and superior quality products. Join us to enjoy the simple pleasure of good cannabis and walk out with not just a product, but a positive experience that reflects the essence of Joyology.

Step into our Marijuana Dispensary and get ready to surprise your senses with the delightful world of Cannabis.Note: You should be of legal age to access our store. Always consume responsibly.