Euflora Longmont Sees Success with Late Night Happy Hour

Euflora Longmont, a popular cannabis dispensary, recently launched a new “Late Night Happy Hour” that offers customers 15% off their entire purchase from 7pm to 9pm daily. This promotion has been met with great success, as customers have flocked to the store during the specified time frame to take advantage of the discounts.

In the weeks since the Late Night Happy Hour was implemented, Euflora Longmont has seen a steady increase in sales during the 7-9pm time block. On average, customers are spending 25% more during the late night hours, which has resulted in a significant boost to profits. To further incentivize customers, Euflora Longmont has begun offering complimentary snacks and beverages during their Late Night Happy Hour.

The business has also seen an increase in foot traffic as a result of their Late Night Happy Hour promotion. Euflora Longmont has reported that an average of 200 extra customers visit the store during the 7-9pm timeframe, and that this number has been steadily growing since the promotion began.

Euflora Longmont has been extremely pleased with the success of the Late Night Happy Hour promotion, and plans to continue offering the promotion for the foreseeable future. They are looking into expanding the hours of the promotion as well as offering additional discounts or freebies in order to further increase profits and customer satisfaction.

For more information about Euflora Longmont and their Late Night Happy Hour, visit Euflora Longmont’s website.